The world of silent quarantine.

The world is in peril. Silence all around. Only a few warriors stand outside to defend. The enemy is known yet we do not know how to defeat it. Casualties keep on increasing yet we keep hope alive. One day, it will be all over. No more death at the hands of this tyrant. No more sorrow. Only smiles and praises and celebrations around. The tyrant will get defeated soon.

Summer has arrived, the glowing sun gives us warmth with all its might. Yet we cannot go out and play with him. All we do is look at our screens, look at the decimation. We celebrate the sun by not playing with it. Yet we do not feel distressed. Bored and blank, yes. Scared too at times yet not losing our resolve.

The time is now, instead of going out and fighting like the ones defending on the frontline. We have to stay indoors and fight. We have to fight this tyrant by not fighting at all. Just by staying in our places. Keeping calm and maintaining peace.

Enough with the distressing blah blah. I’m here to tell you about the crazy world of technology and its associated boredom. Back from the days of letters and telegrams as the only means of chatting, to the modern times where at a push of a button we have a new character available. Everything is connected. Everyone is connected. The very bond that used to develop by looking at each other standing can now be done by sending a few messages.

Yet, I hear people saying that they are alone. No one to hear them out. No one listens to their problems and ideas and opinions. In the physical sense that might be true, but they are not alone.

We are connected so much by the technology around us. Be it social media, movies, some TV series. There are a lot of things that this very intricate web of technology can teach us. From the various methods of cooking food to describing the end of the world by some rogue aliens. There is an endless pit of knowledge out there. And along with that. Millions of listeners as well. Millions of people are out there to talk to. All it takes is just a single tap or a click from the pointy device on the very screen that you’re reading this post.

In the end, I would just say that keep calm and carry on. Whenever in doubt trust your guts. And probably you might end up saving the world.