Love is in the air…(or is it ?)

Today, let’s look at ourselves. Well, we all do dive deep into self-introspection and self-love. But most of the time it ends in a disaster. Today, we focus on one such aspect. Wherein we can feel like being on top of the world Or the biggest joker, or the most miserable person. Today we are going to explore love and I’m going to give my really bad interpretation of it.

We all fall in love with someone or something. That’s something that we always end up doing. It can be your favourite human or an animal, or it can be a daily activity too. Our brain is a very powerful computer. Once you set what makes you happy, the brain programs it all accordingly that you end up loving that person or thing.

While we all sing praises and curses in the name of love. There is one question that remains stuck in my mind. Is love a feeling that was developed over time like the evolution from apes to humans? Or is it a societal construct that we have developed to stay civilized in this uncivilized landscape?

Now, before I get all the guns pointed at me for saying something that blows up ( it’s like I said in the beginning, it can be a really bad interpretation, or it can be a very good one). So hear me out.

From what I have seen and observed and have been reading. Most of us find love to be that force, that makes us whole. We all crave for that human or something, that’s natural, that’s how we grow. Nothing wrong with that. But how we express, and how we deal with it. That’s a bit awkward and miserable and at times equivalent to death. It’s no longer like you give out a flower and that person or thing is ours. ( I will be focusing on more humans loving humans aspect from now on ).

So you see, in today’s time, love has turned out to be like a mutual business agreement. One party just throws in all emotional baggage at the other person. And the other person in return provides all the material possessions that he or she can afford. It’s no longer the days of sunshine and margaritas but more of how you end up in the great labyrinth of what we call society.

Today, being not in a relationship or being in love would mean that you go straight into the depths of hell. Where our lovely Satan prepares the best of the best eternal dates. It’s just funny how the world perceives people who are yet to experience or find love.

But boy oh boy, you think being without a partner is bad. When you do get a partner, it is an entirely different war altogether. If for people Satan waits in hell, then for the ones in a relationship, Satan comes to the earth realm to actually “help”. If you think the World Wars were one of the worst conflicts that happened. You have not yet entered the mythical realm of a relationship. I am pretty sure that those who have fallen in love, have at least once thought of nuking their partner out in oblivion.

Also, like all the great fools that we are, we have that crazy desire to sow the seeds of destruction ( ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) and then cry foul ourselves. There is beauty in chaos as well, not all that we plot to destroy end up destroying, sometimes it does the opposite and makes everything better. Well, that’s human behaviour for you.

So to conclude love is in the air? I doubt.