A Random Brain Take on the World

So many questions, so few answers. And brains go boom. As much as I rant around. No one would mind. Because none would care about it (until unless you’re forced to listen).

But on the flip side, the world has become more interesting, more mysterious. So much so that now I have to figure out whether my life itself is a mystery to me or not. In the mystery lies the conspiracies that our brains decide for ourselves, and in those conspiracies, lies more questions !!!!

I think when people of this mysterious world said that one must question everything, they must’ve been high on Apple juice or something. Because they don’t know how many questions do we face daily, it takes a toll on us, and we feel like we are in the middle of a war just waiting for it to end.

How to finish the bombardment, no one knows as it is something that everyone faces at different times and everyone has a different strategy, some decide to go on carpet bombing, some go on blasting an EMP, and some go on hiding.

But why do we even have to face the wall of questions when we can just chill and relax on a beach somewhere, enjoy the sunshine and margaritas. But no, we want to go on a battlefield with all the questions pointed at us and we just stand there with no reply at all.

And that makes me mad. Makes me feel like life is giving me lemons and I should make lemonade from them.

Well, as all the quests go, if there are no questions then is it even a quest? Or is it just some random story that we cook up to keep our minds working overtime?

Again I ask myself, why did I write this random post? Because I have a random brain and I wanted to rant.