The eerie anarchy in the ensuing silence

Ego Satisfaction

It was a chilly morning, nothing too eventful, it was all calm and quiet (probably too much for my liking). Then came alive the big screen, with a nicely dressed man and a woman, ready to tell me what is happening around me. At first, it all seemed normal. The same old programs, starting with weather service, then some news from the world of sports. Then some from the domain of entertainment, and finally came the local news. Both personalities started by stating that there is a protest happening in one part of the town and warned the viewers to be careful before venturing out.

After a commercial break, they carried on with the story explaining the events happening. Then came another report about a riot breaking out in some other corner of the world. This continued for a long time, then finally, they brought in some “experts” to have a discussion. Forget the protests and the riots happening outside, it felt like there was going to be a riot in the studio itself.

It got me wondering, are we protesting because we are facing oppression. Or are we protesting just to unknowingly be a part of a big political and social game set the big shot politicians and wise-cracking corporate heads? Every time something is happening, these great personalities pitch in their great wisdom to garner more support. That support is not being directed to the issue at hand, but rather to the brand these people have created. Leading to an increase in their brand value.

But what happens if there is not enough momentum in the resistance? Well either it all dies down, or things start turning violent. Then the question becomes, as to why are we even protesting. Is it really for something that is wrong or is it our diminished intellect commanding our egos to go all out without even realizing what the original objective was? Why is it that there are hardly any peaceful protests and everything has to resort to violence? Does the saying ” the pen is mightier than the sword” does not matter anymore? Have we, just like robots developed a herd mentality and like being controlled by a hive mind, and then go ahead resist blindly?

What irks me more is that when the protest turns violent, due to bad elements? Why is it that we are sensationalizing it, which makes it messier? Why is it that we are only able to see the violence and anarchy and not the peace efforts? Is it because that we are more interested in destruction? Rather than the constructive efforts that are being employed to find peaceful solutions. In this modern era of information transfer, we have become so numb to things happening around us. That we start following blindly to whatever is presented to us. Without even understanding what is it for.

In the same manner, the protest might be for something good. But then there are people within the group who end up disturbing the peace. Because their conscience and ego told them to. And when everything blows apart they are nowhere to be found. I question, why is it that we only hear about the violence caused by the protests? But not stopping the miscreants from wreaking havoc? Why is it that we always have to face the brunt of the political and corporate big wigs?

We all protest, I won’t deny that.

We all do it at different levels, starting right from our homes, all the way to toppling governments. But, are we protesting just because we feel that we are facing oppression. Or are we protesting just to satisfy ourselves by being a part of that trend?

It feels like I’m in the universe of 1984 by George Orwell, wherein we are doing what the higher-ups want us to do, without even thinking once, be it normal life, or in time of anarchy, or chaos. And that I find a very scary scenario to be in.