Strange times and Stranger solitude

Cloudy skies, the moon rising, the darkness consumed the day. They were a strange situation and strange times. And so the reign of the emotions started to rise.

Where the sun sends us the rays of hope, the moon solidifies the fact that even in solitude one can shine bright and stay on the path one has crafted for themselves,

Come today, and all this means something else altogether. But why is it so? Is it because our very world is shrinking thanks to the lovely tech we have developed or is it the way the world has evolved.

Crimes go unnoticed, heartbreaks are just for the person who experienced it and others just for the sake of its stand by thinking they’re providing some kind of support, but one cannot feel it.

If this is how we are reaching to solitude for finding peace and rewiring our brains for a fresh start, then I guess we have started to move on a path of doom, strange times indeed.

The times have changed. They have become strangers. Stranger not because of advancements, but how those very advancements have affected us. Where we thought of technology connecting us. It has led to further isolation, disconnecting us.

Today, it’s not the fears that kill us. But it’s the loneliness and the solitude that does.

We are living in strange times and experiencing a strange solitude, where no peace will ever be found.

To The Women We Love and Care…

Imagining life without women is quite hard-hitting. The fact that each one of us is born from the womb of a girl and it’s a girl from whom those great folks have taken their initial teachings.

The reach of her arms will give succour to several directly and only one hug from her might heal everything from a broken knee to a broken heart. She plays different roles, that of mother, wife, daughter, friend, counsellor, all at once; juggling it all to perfection.

When you are sick she nurses you, simply a palm caressing your brow can form you are feeling sensible, warm, and secure and loved all at the same time. When you come home tired and defeated she takes you into her arms and quiets your fears, making us calm and ready for the next challenge.

She rejuvenates you and makes you come alive. She comforts you, builds your confidence and causes you to feel proud to be a district of her world. She guides you to your objectives, cajoling you, into staying focused and when you achieve your dreams she stands behind you in your shadow cloaked in the warmth of your success. She offers categorically, loves on the far side reason, and forgives you time and time again.

She puts her ambitions on the rear burner to assist you with yours. She’s there for you once everybody has turned their backs on you, and it’s her religion in you that creates you would like to rise like a Phoenix does from the ashes.
She has a dual personality. Almost every woman has. She can be helpless, and vulnerable on one hand and be strong and dependable on the other.

She is soft to the touch and you would like to comfort her and keep her from hurt, but in a crisis, she is the one who will support you and give you strength. She may cry at the drop of a hat; whether it’s a soap opera or a movie song; but come the time to be strong she will stand like the mountains, tall and impregnable. She is worthy of being treated like a Goddess and no less than that.

This is dedicated to all the women we love. The real heroes, because of whom we exist. Because of whom everything that we have accomplished has been made possible.