A (Time)ly Murder

Once upon a time, there lay a knife, he was very sharp. Sharp enough to cut anything in its path, through his words and his cutting edge. Everyone was friendly to him but were secretly scared because one never knows when the knife is going to cut. Even the air was scared because of the knife’s aerodynamic efficiency, that it will cut through the air easily and murder anyone.

Everyone knew what services the knife could be employed for bringing the cuts where it matters. But the knife himself could not judge where he is being employed. So for every potato, he has cut the same number of people and hearts. From what we have heard his speciality is coming in from behind and slicing and dice in the dark.

One day, a mysterious hooded figure approached the knife, giving the knife a very interesting assignment. It was to murder Time itself. Confused, he asked the figure, how can he murder something which does not exist at all. The hooded figure replied simply by saying, it’s all in the mind, look inside that metallic core. The knife reluctantly agreed, as for the first time, he didn’t know what was about to happen.

The knife went to his training, buffing himself on the grindstone and the polish, making himself as deadly as possible, the contract was due in a few days so he had all the time (before ending the very thing himself). He began thinking, what could happen, would it all stay normal, or would it all turn into a warped version of the horrific reality he is already living in, he was feeling hesitant but like a good gentle-knife, when bound to duty, one has to complete it. So brushing all the doubts aside he started on the march to end the time.

The Time came, in the form of a clock. Ticking and tocking, warning about the impending doom that is about to befall, but he kept up his clockwork routine roaming around worried, as he could not be stopped. But the knife had other plans in mind, he slowly crept up behind the clock waiting for making the move listening to the intricate movement of the gears to strike just when the bells chime. 

Waiting and waiting, the knife started losing its edge in anxiety and panic, and he couldn’t hold himself any longer, jabbed inside the metal body, stopping the clock motionless. Feeling proud of his achievement, he backed out of the clock but realised soon that something was not right. Everything lay motionless, with no squeak or squawk. Just silence all around and everything turned into a statue. The knife still couldn’t make out what was happening to the world, but he still carried on, when he reached back to the town he saw that everything stood motionless, shocked by the sight he rushed himself to his home.

By murdering the time, there was no cycle, as the clock struck the bells of the midnight sun, it lay stuck there forever. A few days had passed (or so it seems) but no resuming of time. The knife was now extremely disheartened as to what he did, but he had no choice other than to obey. At that moment he saw a faint light, an orb of sorts. Curious, he followed the orb of light, and the light spoke to him, ” see the error of your ways yet?”. Shocked, the knife responded in confusion, “what error?”. The orb replies “the very cardinal sin you committed”, knife responded again ” what cardinal sin?”. The orb roared “the sin of murdering Time”. The knife not knowing what to respond pleaded guilty and implored the orb to repair the damage done.

The orb advised by giving a very cryptic answer “you have to judge, what is more important, the needs of many or the needs of the few”. The knife pondered over it, a lot. He wondered, if the knife itself does not have any clients who can give him assignments to work, even he would not survive for that long, so he made the bold call. Putting his arrogance and selfishness aside, he asked the orb “tell me the way to bring back time”. 

The orb looked like it was happy, he redirected him to go murder the hooded figure that gave him the task of killing time. The knife agreed and after getting all the details began his journey of bringing back time. But deep inside the enemy territory, the hooded man was busy hatching plans for the knife’s arrival. The knife upon reaching there was greeted by a few minions, but the knife just went past them as cannon fodder. And then across the end of a street stood the hooded figure. With his tip turning fiery red, the knife charged blindly towards him but as soon as he reached within striking distance, he found himself stuck in mid-air, not able to move. The hooded figure proclaimed with a sinister laugh that he could control time and no one would be able to stop him from resetting everything.

The knife just stood there motionless, with rage boiling inside him turning himself red with each pulsing of electrons inside, trying to free himself from the shackles of the hooded figure. At that moment it all clicked to him, he started building up the heat, slowly turning into a liquid, the hooded figure thought, that the knife had committed himself so much to the just cause that he couldn’t even stay true to his form, and threw the knife (or what remained of it) to the side. 

The heat was enough, to make the hooded figure feel scared of burns, and that was the silver lining that the knife was hoping for. Slowly he crept close to the hooded figure, and when the time came, he jumped and slowly burned the hooded figure for the sins he committed. As soon the hooded figure disappeared, everything seemed to be normal, and the Orb came back, congratulating the knife for what he achieved but he could not bring back the in knife to his original form as he was beyond repair.

So, that’s the end of the timely murder. The knife became a spectre and now haunts everyone that do wrong.