Lives in volatile situations and unstable environments

Volatile situations

While we all want stability in our lives, there are times when all we want is some peace and calm. But in this modern day and age, it is all the opposite. We are all ticking time bombs, waiting to blast off with an explosion of anger and frustration. The unstable lives that we live in are just the tip of the iceberg. The deeper we go, the more volatile it becomes.

While we all say that we are calm and collected (even I do sometimes), inside is a very big bad storm that brews, waiting to unleash its energy and maybe some evil laughs. Look around, people are venting out like blown up pressure cookers, expecting something calm and quiet in return. But no, fate has other plans for them. They just get blown up more till the time their brains do not explode and just go berserk. Completely oblivious to what happens around when it’s their brain ordering them to do mundane tasks like consuming their own lives for greatness. Thus leading to the greatness of an unknown future.

We are staying in a volatile environment, where anything could happen at any moment we cannot do anything. From what I have seen, it gets a lot worse. It’s always guns, germs or steel playing their role in decimation. I have seen war, have seen the brutality and the horrors of it all. From seeing the people getting their limbs dismembered right to digging holes for their final rest place. The only thing that stayed was the mutual respect that we all had for one another. The uncertainty of when we are going to each other next. But other than war, people are still fighting, some for their lives, some for getting accepted because of their choices. Some are just trying to survive. Look in the news every day there is some shitstorm brewing.

But why should I care or give a damn? I am that dickhead who has it all, the comfort and safety of a home, the luxury of having whatever food I want to, and accessibility to the clothes I want to wear. All I do all day is just post some stupid hashtags on social media and show that I care. But the reality is, we all ignore it all. It does not matter if the person in distress is our next-door neighbour until unless it happens to us or someone close to us, we do not give a shit about what happens outside, as simple as that.

This very voluntary ignorance is what eventually leads us to the meltdown. No matter what we do, there is always someone bearing the fruits of their labour. Now I do not say that everyone is an ignorant fool, but most are. I commend those who are seeing past this wall of ignorance and trying to make a change. We should support them if we could, but we don’t, because our ego and our ignorant brain say so.

We have become so immune, that it does not matter anymore who lives or dies. What matters is that we, the self-centred fools survive in the gluttony and pride of achieving nothing. While we complain of the instability and volatile nature, it is us only who have created this hellscape. And we cannot reverse what we have done now.

Was it worth it? That is all I ask.

The Decisions We Make And The Faithful Results We Get


One word, different meanings, different outcomes. A major fork in the road where we have to choose one path. As a result, obtain a certain outcome. It is the time when the bells ring above our heads and the tick-tock of the clock is heard. We live in a time where we have more decisions and choices than the questions themselves. Because of this, we end up doing things in reverse.

We first decide the path and according to the decisions made then we ask the questions that matter. We take the first step, without thinking or analysing what are we doing and then ask the question why are we here? That leads to a rather faithful recreation of the path we took. All the choices that we made until this point come out unfurling in bright colours. Our choices are so vivid and different that we cannot even fathom what we started with and are ending upon.

Let’s take a few examples,

Why did you read this little entry? It could be many reasons, maybe you love my stuff, maybe you were forced to read on gunpoint, or somebody spammed this very article so you read it in pure annoyance. The choice lies with us, but most of the time we don’t question what it is, rather we just click the link on the screen and read, and then we go into deep thought as to understand what we just read and wonder why?

On the flip side, I could ask myself, Why did I write this post? Was I feeling like it? Was I high on grape juice while writing this? (probably), Was I feeling some kind of magic? What went inside my brain while writing this? Was it my emotions being poured out? Was it something else entirely?

I could never tell, yet here I am, posting a blog. The purpose of which I do not know. Similarly, there are times when we end up making a decision that we don’t even know for what we took. This time is a place where we have lots of choices, but a very less number of problems, or so we think. We have evolved ourselves into a different beast altogether, where we have mastered the art of flight instead of fighting, the adrenaline rush always makes us run away from the troubles that chase us, and instead of trying to solve it, we end up creating more troubles to hide the previous problem.

And then, one day, the house of cards that we beautifully built on the foundations of problems, just fall apart. We panic, go into overdrive and try to fight it all at once. Then we feel helpless, desperate to find solutions to the problems which we never took care of in the first place and end up creating new problems because of that. The cycle continues. The thunder never stops, lightning strikes at the very moment that we were least expecting. All this ends up in a constant barrage of thoughts and actions that we never anticipated and then, once the storm is over, our minds stay up for that extra mile, over analysing everything. We almost become virtual zombies, where we don’t even know what we are doing.

So, that is how our choices matter and the thought before making it also matters. If not seen early, then we the faithful results that we were not ready for.