More Money, More Power, More Problems

More Money

We all want money, don’t we? And we are ready to do anything we can in our capacity to get more of it.

Heck, even big corporate grunts are grinding their bums off just be at the top of the ladder. With the power of the people, even the governmental psychos are running after that sweet paper trail. The grunts are just trying to be the wolf at the top who is not as hungry as the wolf at the top. In that struggle and hustle, some fry their brains, and some just lose it to the maniacal force of nature.

We get more money, we have more problems, but we can also light up more light bulbs. So that is a tradeoff that we are all willing to take, or not take as our age progresses. You see, we get so blinded that we forget that we exist, only the money remains. And why not, for that, is one of the only sources of social status and domination that remains, you get more moolah, you have more friends. And with more friends, you can exert more influence and more power.

But at what cost?

With the advent of technology and the various methods to transfer funds, we just have made it easier to transact (which is cool). But we have also caved into the greed… Until it eats us all, like a deadly parasite. Many have risen and fallen to their eventual demise. Some legacies remain tarnished in history. Some are just immortalised in a blaze of glory, and when we hear them we can see the greed in the voice and the story.

We have transformed the way we make money. From printing on funny paper to making doge gifs and selling them as money, we have set the precedent for the future. A future where greed and pride stand tall, and we end up fighting till we die.