Never Settle, Stay Lost and Keep Walking

Keep walking and never settle.

One simple sentence, different effects.

For some, it is the dawn of discovery and an adventure of a lifetime, and for some, it is the culmination of some hard decisions bearing fruit. Things can be very different for different people. But it is the little things that keep us awake, in the search for greatness and forming our legacy.

For me, it was a journey that spanned almost a week. Starting from the asphalt jungle and ending in the proper jungle. It was a journey of self-reflection, a journey of peeking through the cracks that formed. A walking experiment that needed some refinements, and some twisted ankles in the way. But this time, it was worth it, I managed to discover a few things that I might not have. Maybe for some, it is called madness, but for me, it was a sweet symphony and a peek inside my mind.

The journey looked endless, as the great brain of mine started giving me an amazing feedback loop of reminding me that I suck hard at doing anything. Yet I needed to go ahead and give it all, and thus keep on walking and hope that nobody explodes. It was an exhilarating and also liberating experience, as my soul just got ripped apart from my body. Experiencing the ethereal realm and going nuts with the beauty.

It was the little things again that took me by the surprise. How a tiny step here or there made the biggest change in the overall scenario. The outcome turns into a simplified yet complicated mess, although it is a beautiful one. Organized chaos in the unorganized jungle that we call life. It all turns into a walk to remember and forget everything else. The journey of life can take a turn for the good as well as for the worse but it does not matter where the road leads. What matters is what we learned from it. Because what we learn is what we do. If we learn crap things, no matter how much wrong we are, the result will always stay crap.

In the end, there is still the beauty of the creations that we forge with our minds and the destruction we do with our hands. There is a lot to be learned and a lot to be explored and a lot of things to stay lost in. More to absorb and more to regurgitate all sorts of nonsense. With more information dump and nonsensical chaos around, it is more interesting to analyze and convert it into more organized chaos and some cunning and potentially unstable creations.

So keep on walking and never settle my friends.