The Great Rumbles And The Marvellous Tumbles.

Electrical Storm

The cities emit great rumbles, the people tumble. The heart goes on and on to a different tune every time. The thunder rumbles and roars hard, yet we only feel the little flashes and the angry growls of a distant God. We, humans, fail to understand the little things that make someone or something tick.

A simple yet hardworking being like an ant is often thrown and disregarded like a pile of trash but on the flip side, we look at amazement how that tiny can pull off the feats of the giants that we humans rarely speak and do. The little organisms are the biggest movers and shakers out there, but still, we only feel the tumbles caused by the heavenly dumbasses.

We are a strange kind. We love the Gods at times of high flying and curse them when we face the low blows. There is no in-between when it comes to emotions. And now, we come to the main point of this brief nonsense.

Emotions suck. And they suck bad.

Instead of propelling most of us to great heights, it ends up dropping us in the deepest of the abyss, where everything is dark. Even the light at the end of the tunnel fails to shine bright to show us the way out of it. Everything feels inverted and twisted. What was there once, now gone out of the picture altogether.

It feels weird when everything feels weird. and you cannot figure out why. The heart rumbles constantly and the brain tumbles marvellously every time. Even when in something as sweet as love, we humans find crafty ways to destroy it as well. It becomes an unnecessary war. But we humans crave for it more and more, for we cannot fathom and handle the peace we have been bestowed. For we are the visionaries who feel the urge to tinker and tinker in a bad way and hope to produce something good.

Well, that is what makes humans, Ummm humans. The brief rumbles and the ensuing onslaughts of doom are what makes us grow into these magnificent creatures of complex behaviour patterns and attitudes. Even the dark abyss makes sense now, and many have made it their second home itself. The marvellous tumbles have made us numb. And the numbness makes all the sense. Nothing feels better than being numb and experiencing that silence with the ones that we love. That silence leads to the blossoming of new things and different memories.

Emotions are a crazy bunch of chemical nonsense that runs in our brains.

It all makes sense now.

Crisis In The Time Of Love

The smell of freshly brewed tea or coffee, or the lovely flowers makes the day awesome. But, on the flip side, with the smell of gunpowder and rotting flesh, the crisis begins to increase in intensity. Living on the edge of a warzone has its perks. Here was I, in the middle of a battlefield trying to harvest the dead souls of a brutal past, averting crisis by the minute and planting seeds of hope.

It was the year of the nuclear bang, all life had suddenly vanished into thin air, only rust and bones remained but then there was I, a spectre of a past forgotten stuck in a temporal loop created by my doom. It all had started in the age of man, and it was the time of love and man wanted to make it eternal and so started the experiments.

When man chose to become God, God unleashed his fury and man was unable to survive the wrath of God. The fury left everyone stuck frozen in time, like small ice statues in the sea of time. There was a big mushroom cloud, and it was followed by the big bad storm of rust and guts.

The few who survived the flurry ended up being stuck in a temporal loop of perpetual doom. We were the dead stranding, trying to undo the sins of our fathers and right the wrongs. The time of love turned into a time of crisis. It was the time for running the odds and ends backwards.

But for that, I need to undo what I ended up doing in the first place. I needed to undo the crisis that I made in the age of love, and that was something I had to do fast before the future becomes an empty wasteland of just a black void. I had to get out of this temporal loop as soon as possible before I could sow the seeds of hope and watch them flourish with energy and a new life.

My goal was set, to go back in time and make sure that the nuclear bang does not happen again. Bringing life after death has its beauty, it is an endless cycle of existence that does not feel the urge to stop at any time. But if disrupted, it can cause all sorts of amazing catastrophes, like the one I am in currently. It could be more enticing if I tinker with the entire fabric of space-time, but if I do, then everything turns to ashes again. So I have to stand tall and embrace the light and all the nonsensical madness I managed to pull through.

The light just blocks my eyes and I cannot see anymore, but then it was all dream. A dream that turned into an abhorrent nightmare.