The Fights That Never Let Go

silhouette of person kicking on mid air

The ups and downs and the lefts and rights, the fights and the lights. Isn’t that pretty, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Every day is a constant struggle with the crap coming in from everywhere and at any time. Starting from the time we open our eyes, shit starts falling over our heads like falling dominoes from the skies.

The fights keep on raging, inside our heads, outside our peripheral vision, the bloody massacre just lingers on, killing strangers one by one and our souls part by part, the dead keeps on crawling, and the alive keeps on burying, the battle for supremacy lives on forever.

The battle scars remain, forever reminding us of the nightmares that we endured and bringing us down always. We are made of flesh and metal, staying resilient till our last breath, keeping the nightmares at bay leading ourselves towards the golden sun to burn bright.

After the big burn, we turn into ashes, the ashes rise up in the sky, painting the world grey. The wolves howl at the departed soul, asking them to come back, but they can’t. Once the dead head up high, there is no coming back down, until a new body emerges. But all this being the mental, everything just stays fuzzy, infinite bodies pile up, bearing our faces, our fears and a great wall that we can’t go past.

Beyond that wall is what we seek. The liberation from the shackles of fear and the sweet sweet freedom. The freedom to rise again, freedom the shine bright and the freedom to be ourselves. The only thing stopping us is the shackles that we have become comfortably numb with and the nightmares that we carry on our backs.

The fights that never let go of us are the shackles we force ourselves into. When we do let go, nothing can stop us.