The Humans and The Holy Potato Blog

The Holy Potato Blog is here, for it is I the potato who thinks he is Holy as he can be found in various forms and situations.

I am a grounded organism, for I am found deep inside the mother earth below the feet of the humans and the animals, I am also the one who can feed a person or when I am angry, kill a human too, I am the death incarnate, kids love me, but they do not know because of consuming me along with my nasty pal called the oil and then I do belly dance and call it a day.

Holy potato blog, potatoes, ketchup, murder

The humans have realised this folly, and now they have decided to turn me into a pulp and drink me like water. The mad Humans call this liquid vodka and apparently, it treats them from the inside, (with the only caveat being that the liver suffers badly), making the humans go gaga and do stupid things. But little do they know, the grounded me that haunted their tummies as a solid is back with a vengeance and now will haunt more and more and more, in the forms no one can imagine, and I shall reign supreme till the end of the Earth (hehehehehehe……..)

The humans fail to realise that if I and my pals die, they die too. Some humans have discovered that the earth that they find dear is now decaying into a wasteland full of rust and dust, so they have decided to make the final frontier their trash can. But I shall remain immortal, for my little essences be floating away in stardust haunting the humans of what they left behind.

Let this holy potato blog be a stark reminder of what you humans are about to venture into. there is still time to surrender to the greens and live peacefully, and not go beyond what we do not know with primitive technology of today.

A New Adventure, A New Chapter

Ice halos above Foveran beach

It’s been a while that I posted something, but here I am, bringing a new adventure to the world wide web. A lot has happened behind the closed doors, some ups and some downs. I will list them all.

Starting with the ups first, Potato got a refresh, the site got fresh visuals straight from the thematic factory of WordPress, the human is back on track to make new stories and new fantasies. He has decided to tell me one of his tales today.

But before that, there were some downs as well, in pleasing the social media gods, the human had to undergo a trial of fire, which caused his brain to melt down into a pile of goop and from that goop comes this post ready to entertain you with random stuff.

Anyways, now back to the human tale, his adventure involves diving deep into mysteries of the heart, someone finally managed to feel that his heart existed and he discovered love. We all see love stories popping up here and there, some happen expectedly and some happen unexpectedly.

Do you ever just think about the moments you could have changed? Like what if something went differently, what would have happened? These questions led to where the human is now, with a companion by the side trying to figure out the what-ifs, how some random occurrences can just lead to some completely new adventure and a new journey altogether.

White black and red person carrying heart illustration in brown envelope for a new adventure

It all started with some fireflies twinkling in the wilderness and two hearts aligning to the same tune. The human (and his companion too) never thought that something like this happens, for both of them had put up walls so high that it was difficult to be breached by anyone but themselves. It all felt like how the Germans felt after the fall of the Berlin Wall, a feeling of unity and belongingness and love. Embracing the new feeling of companionship and the new situation was hard for the human, but he managed to adapt and accept that there was another person now in his life that also needed the same care and nourishment as he longed for.

It was an entirely new adventure for the human, as he was always involved in making plans for world domination and nuclear strikes here and there contending with the poop and pee and the nasties. But now it was all about growth, and a constructive growth that is. The destruction of the futile mind was imminent, but it all came down to this. The companion was the catalyst of peace in the mind of the human.

And with that, a new adventure began taking shape in the form of an unexpected love story. A story of complete randomness but very low deviations.

The human will be back with some more adventures and I the Potato, will be back soon with more stories to tell.