Work in progress, or rather the quality of life update

It’s a funny world, we seek to improve our lives but at the same time discard everything that has been not utilised in the name of improving the quality of life. Potato had this thought when we talk of coding and app development, we look at optimising the ones and zeroes to make the application run better. But the same cannot be applied to a plant or a human.

A plant like Potato, which thrives on sucking out the juicy nutrients from the mud it encases itself in, has one job and that is to provide the energy to survive, but the human is an all separate category of madness. They have a lump of flesh stuffed inside their cranium, which they call a computer providing them instructions to live and to die. Sometimes, things go a step further and these humans become an evangelist and start exercising their duty of sustenance for others, leading to destruction and chaos, all in the name of improving the quality of life.

Well, the Potato’s guardian is also stuck in a situation like that, he is stuck in a temporal loop of satisfying the ever-increasing greed of the masters and the margaritas for making a name for himself, where once, these brains ruled the roost, have come in the giant computers with their beeps and boops yapping out the orders and not even providing a reason for doing so, just following the numbers trail. And the human has very scarily become a slave to the devices that we thought would improve the quality of life.

The world has become flat, not physically but rather in terms of progress. We have stagnated growth and now to propel the progress, we first have to destroy the creations of yore. It is a very scary precedent that we are setting up for the future. Potato’s guardian is a human itself, and that human is facing the largest hit among the many of his generation. Humanity has gone for a six, emotions are nowhere to be found and if some little emotion whatever is there, they get suppressed under the sea of data and numbers.

However, this is not a rant, Potato will be back with his stories of misadventures with other fruits and maybe a bubbly fish, a story of resilience and acceptance and also how not to be a hero every time. It has been a long time Potato has been a villain, it is time to unleash the dark side and embrace the chaotic hell of the earth world.

Until then,

Stay safe. Eat Cake

2 Replies to “Work in progress, or rather the quality of life update”

  1. Oh wow, Potato, awesome post. And I would love to hear more of Potato’s thoughts along with the adventure stories

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