Enter the dark side of the moon (Episode 1)

It was a cold night, everything lay frozen like little blips of the present history. Snow falls like fresh white paint on a wall. The sun is nowhere to be seen in the infinite black sky, stars looking like little dust specks. But what is this conundrum that everyone was stuck with? There was not a sign of the sun for the past 100 years, but the warmth was ever-present, but now even the warmth had vanished.

It was a cold cold world, because of a cold cold heart of the space-time continuum or so the people believed. It is a story that spans over a millennium, thanks to the deeds performed by the humble potato, that created ripples across the relative and the specific timeline. The fabric that held everything together was now in shambles.

It all started in the year 2022, Things were black and white. Either something happened or nothing happened. Potato was trying to figure out a mystery of the cosmos, What lies on the dark side of the moon. He was figuring out a way to get it all done on the cheap end, without splashing millions and millions of dollars on a rocket from some big wig space agencies.

He resorted to the way which many consider being illegal, he planned to use nuclear missiles for the fuel. Specifically, the fissile plutonium and uranium along with some pressurised hydrogen. Radiation was a challenge, that’s where hydrogen came, to create the boom for the radioactive bang. He started small, on the atomic level, creating tiny voids of black dust followed by a big boom. After the success at the micro-level, Potato began increasing his blasting capacity, within a few weeks, he was able to launch anvils at 100s of meters up in the air.

The progress was good, things looked bright. Everything was set, now all was needed was to set up a space camera and capture the dark side of the moon in a single frame. The secret launch was ready, the countdown had started. Everything looked frame perfect.

And then it happened……

3 Replies to “Enter the dark side of the moon (Episode 1)”

  1. Well I love how you use these little concepts of science and mix it up with sweet potato!!!!!!
    Will wait to know what comes up☺️

  2. Interesting end to episode one.
    I am now looking forward to episode 2 and what happens.
    Don’t let the potato fry!🤔🤔

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