Enter the dark side of the moon (Episode 2)

The big bang happened…

The camera rocket was up in the air, flying majestically like an inverted comet pinging the sky to prepare for doom. The moon was in sight, ready to unleash its darkness on the flying projectile. But back on the ground, it became a void which sucked everything, exposing the multiple universes and the multiple outcomes of the same experiment.

Potato was there, and Potato was not there. He managed to break the spacetime fabric somehow and turn himself into the multiverse of madness. The camera he shot up, ended up becoming a speck of dust. Such was the energy of the blast, it changed the moon’s orbit. It was disturbing the earth’s magnetic field and causing chaos on the surface. Unexpected earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and in some cases fish falling from the sky. Everything has gone haywire.

Potato was floating around into the empty vacuum created by the blast. Still dazed and confused, although he could see the visuals from his camera, something was not right. Did Potato discover life on the moon by accident?

The world was in ruins, and a chemical reaction snapped out of control, plunging the entire world into darkness and potential extinction. Potato was on a mission now, to find out the cure to this madness, before the dark side of the moon was the only thing left remaining to be seen.

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