Enter the Dark Side of the Moon (Episode 5)

An aurora blankets the Earth beneath a celestial night sky

The dark side of the moon beckoned upon our lovely quartet. One and Two were busy perfecting their art of fighting. Three and Four were lost somewhere in the realms of dark and toilet humour, what to do when death by poop happens. Things were pretty much misaligned to the ultimate objective. It was more of a jolly bunch who did not care about anything rather than a fight for survival.

Three and Four pondered across the planet, thinking about how does the moon look like when it is angry. Will it turn red like tomato or will it just come crashing down, bonking us on our heads for making him angry. They wanted to toy around with this idea. Just when they were about to reach the peak of their fantasy, reality came crashing down on them. One and Two were the messengers of reality that they are on a mission to hunt down the potato for the destruction he has caused. Three and Four grumbled, vowing to take their revenge someday.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Potato was feeling restless, he was experiencing out-of-body experiences, not sure himself of what was real or not. He had become corrupted beyond repair from the outside. But the power was so overwhelming that he did not want to let go of what he had received. Long gone were the days when he had to beg and seek validation every time from everyone, tired of listening that he was worthless and never deserved a place among the mere mortals. He was destined to be the trash that everybody despised.

light sea people woman
Photo by imustbedead on Pexels.com

With the power he has, it is time for him to undo the damage he has received, and bring forth the hell to the very people that subjected potato to him. The mysterious voices of the sky were sounding more and more confident of their plan will succeed. But they were also scared of the fact that it might fail after seeing Potato’s condition. So the voices of the sky began plotting their backup plan.

Coming back to our quartet, they had no idea how to proceed further. They wandered aimlessly and then Three came up with a brilliant idea, to split up into pairs and seek out Potato. This way they would be able to cover more area and seek out Potato faster. One and Two were surprised on seeing some brilliance coming out of their goofed-up partners and thus began their journey into the unknown.

Enter the Dark Side of the Moon (Episode 4)

sun setting over body of water

The universe ( or rather the multiverse ) was split into two halves, one that was visible as the white of the moon, and the other, just a blank void like the dark side of the moon. Potato (now known as Potacalypto) was stuck on the wrong side of heaven, trying to make it to the right side of hell. His journey was a bit too difficult to carry on. There was a resistance present, trying to halt the scourge of destruction, the survivors had shortlisted four humans to fight the mighty vegetable.

They were called the Magnificent Misfits because all they cared about was destruction but in a peaceful way. There were four death bells hanging around, each riding their steeds with utmost stupidity and foolishness, these four were masters of their respective domains.

One, who was the master of war, kept on planning the tactics to decimate the opposition with puns and quips. Two was the master of conquest, all that she planned was to rule the destroyed ashes and the dark souls of tormented organisms. Three and Four, well they were the Death Duo, where Three acted like a full lunatic trying to give Death a comical relief, Four was the complete opposite, the silent, one-liner blabbering workhorse.

Riders emerge from the dark side of the moon
The Misfits arrive, looking as scary as they can be.

The survivors had no choice, but to trust these four characters with their lives, and hope that they finish the job that was entrusted to them. The mission, should they choose not to reject it, will require all four of them to work in unison and bring back the sense to Potacalypto, who thanks to the mysterious powers of the dark void, had turned into the lord of Famine, depriving everyone of the will to live, making everyone hollow, without a purpose and direction.

The few who are resisting this deprivation, are the ones putting their faith into the hands of the Magnificient Misfits and trying to build a new world. The riders are on their way, planning for the actions in the future. Will there be a massive war, turning the multiverses into the barren wastelands of desolation, or will it be all fun and games and no cries?