Enter the Dark Side of the Moon (Episode 6.1)

One and Two on the dark side of the moon

In the Lunar and Earthern mass, the Dark side of the Moon had cast its eclipsing shadow. One and Two travelled the lands far and between to meet up with someone who had information on how to defeat Potato. Along the way, they discussed life and death, the creation and the destruction, and who could be the ultimate conqueror of the realms.

As they were walking, they discovered that the realm around them started melting. everything looked like a solid ooze pouring out of the black void. It all seemed like they were travelling in an abstract painting. Time itself became a figment of imagination. Standing in front of them stood a figure, shrouded in darkness with some fog emanating from underneath. One and Two became more and more cautious as they approached the figure.

cloth with artistic design
Photo by Frank Cone on Pexels.com

The figure spoke, ” thou shall not pass, for thou seek destruction”. She waved her hand, into the air, conjuring a portal in thin air and asked the duo to look inside. They looked at a vision of the future, a future where Potato was the saviour of all, and One and Two were the big baddies. Everybody who survived hated the horsemen and was on a mission to kill them all because of the misdeeds that they did.

The Hooded figure again spoke, “turn away, turn away and go to the place you came from, back to the deepest corner of your minds, the darkest fears, embrace them, for the chaos is just beginning to ramp up”. One and Two stayed undeterred by the threats and ignored the warning and carried on….

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