The Dark Side of the Moon (Episode 6.2)

Three and Four shut the door to the dark side.

On the other side, where One and Two were busy discovering the mysteries of the Potato’s Dream. Three and four were venturing further to the dark side, entering a black hole full of screams and shouts of the lost souls. Things were looking dead, Three and Four were elated, they found death to be the prominent species around. But something was amiss, death was present, but there were no souls to devour or transport to heaven or hell.

Upon further exploration, things started going doozy, the walls began merging into a singular unit, like colours of the rainbow blending into white. Still, on this strange land, everything was merging into black. There was a faint glow coming from nearby. Three and Four were curious, who could challenge their realm of madness. The colours which never ran started running away into the giant hole of nothingness.

grayscale photography of person at the end of tunnel
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Reaching closer, they could see a portal from which the light was coming, at the end stood a mysterious organism, waving its hand as if signalling somebody. Three and Four thought that it was for them and so they jumped right into the portal. On the other side, things were calm. People were celebrating the triumphant victory that the duo achieved, there was great fanfare. Because Three and Four jumped into the portal, they created a paradox.

They were witnessing a celebration of a war that did not happen, yet there was complete evidence suggesting otherwise. And so, after looking at this alternate reality, the duo jumped back to their own reality. Now armed with the knowledge that victory will be theirs, they planned to do something nasty along the way.

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