The Dark Side of The Moon (Episode 7)

The end is the beginning

The four horsemen continued their directionless journey, where One and Two were primed to become the ultimate villain, on the other side, the dark side to be precise, Three and Four were enjoying their lives as a saviour of the future. Things were looking bleak. A dark future awaited them. Potato, was mysteriously missing from the action, but where was it? What was it doing? What illness or powers did he inherit now? The four horsemen were curious. Many more questions puzzled the quartet, but they chose to ignore them.

Potato was, however busy in outer space. There was a noticeable shift in attitudes, it could be seen from a distance, that something was disturbing the force. Potato was slowly turning into goop. The power was becoming too much to handle for Potato, the voices beyond were scared, if potato saw the light, he would no longer be a useful asset to them to spread their reign of chaos. The horsemen had seen what the future held for them, but they had a task at hand. And so they ventured deep into Potato’s lair.

Potato was crumbling under his own power, the horsemen were ready to charge and exterminate the menace, and The Voices Beyond were getting their celestial weapons primed. A battle was on the cards, everybody was waiting for the first crack. The Quartet drew first blood, disrupting the power supply to Potato, but Potato retaliated, by pulling all the land mass around him like a fortress. The battle between the Horsemen and Potato continued like two pawns in a chess match. The Voices Beyond had enough, and brought down the celestial blade, thrusting it into the ground, decimating everything in between. Potato was dead. The four Horsemen were dead. The Voices Beyond, took out the dead carcasses and cast it into a frying pan to cook their dinner, leaving a giant hole in the place where Potato once flourished.

The body of Potato was no more, but his soul lived forever. The Voices Beyond realised the importance of Potato, and thus started cultivating Potato farms for feeding the humans and advancing them into the next age. The four horsemen were sent back to their abodes, to await another apocalypse. The Voices Beyond continued their quest of power by creating religion and faith and tiny kingdoms of pride, lust, sloth, gluttony, wrath, envy and greed. Life carried on aimlessly into the next age, awaiting new adventures.

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