Leap of faith towards new adventure.

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We see fireflies glowing every night. In those fireflies, I see us. We were glowing with energy and the lights that make the absence of the twinkling stars in the cloudy sky unnoticeable. We both have our flaws and somewhere, somehow, those flaws brought us closer too. We shared a vibe, a spark and the skies confirmed it for us by celebrating through the rainfall. It was the beginning of a new adventure. It was a time of melancholy, happiness, and discovering new things. We prospered into becoming human beings, it was a journey that we chose to undertake, to see the best of ourselves.

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Quoting Dr Seuss “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”. And I would love to have the reality always be better than my dreams from now onwards, and the reality is. Here we are. On a magical journey. Which makes it more and more exciting and amazing being with you.

Here we are, after all this time, fighting our inner demons yet facing each other with the same smile that keeps us happy. We stand at the crossroads, of following our lives further or abandoning everything we built and starting afresh. So I say. Let’s hold our hands together and ride into the unknown together. Keep walking through the thick and the thin and just be together. Let’s go on an adventure that only we are the masters of. The time is here, the time is now.

In the days of madness…..

Madness of Love

A tale of infamy

In the aftermath of the complete madness that was the four Horsies and some chunk of rock called the moon. Things were starting to go normal again, Potato was dead, and everybody rejoiced. But there were many who also cried on the demise of Potato.

Those who survived launched a crusade of resurrection. To rebuild from what remained. There were wars waged again, Never the heroes, they were made to fight. They were just sacrificed at war. There were few who tried building up the world using the science of the forgotten past.

Like a demon leading the youth, The survivors were terrible in truth. There was no time to falter, no turning back. It was the time to rise again in this time of infamy, but the madness kept on piling up its mass onto the puny survivors. Potato was no longer there to guide or assist in peace and harmony, yet everyone hoped that someone would take up the mantle that Potato left behind.

Death and madness
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The Madness that raged on…..

The fights in the realm of the living also started affecting the realm of the ethereal, the ghosts of the forgotten past were also unable to maintain peace with the fact that Potato was never to be seen even in the ghostly form again. However, the ghosts could feel some sort of new energy that surrounded them all. Like little specks of spark flowing through their ghastly remain, still aching to do something good.

The ghosts thought, could the spirit of the Potato be guiding them to a goal of a unified dream? A dream of perpetual existence in peace and harmony. But the days of infamy and madness kept on raging….