About me:

While we all have our stories to tell, there are things that bind us all. The biggest one is the struggle that we all undergo to make a change. And with that the art of the hustle. With many attempts, ordinary people have become legends, and while we all are in the same ocean, we all have the power to be the legend we all wanna be and craft our own adventures. We are the hustlers, and we are the trailblazers. We rise from the ashes of the failures and we shine bright.

Became a bit too motivating, didn’t it? Well, I needed a banger opening so there it was. 

About me, I am just another ordinary potato, who is metaphorically controlled by a human in his endless desire of telling a story. Along the way, I meet various characters and organisms and then I go forward and tell their tales.

That sums up my life in a short and crisp manner. Human tends to go more in-depth in his main posts, this is side business.