The Great Rumbles And The Marvellous Tumbles.

Electrical Storm

The cities emit great rumbles, the people tumble. The heart goes on and on to a different tune every time. The thunder rumbles and roars hard, yet we only feel the little flashes and the angry growls of a distant God. We, humans, fail to understand the little things that make someone or something tick.

A simple yet hardworking being like an ant is often thrown and disregarded like a pile of trash but on the flip side, we look at amazement how that tiny can pull off the feats of the giants that we humans rarely speak and do. The little organisms are the biggest movers and shakers out there, but still, we only feel the tumbles caused by the heavenly dumbasses.

We are a strange kind. We love the Gods at times of high flying and curse them when we face the low blows. There is no in-between when it comes to emotions. And now, we come to the main point of this brief nonsense.

Emotions suck. And they suck bad.

Instead of propelling most of us to great heights, it ends up dropping us in the deepest of the abyss, where everything is dark. Even the light at the end of the tunnel fails to shine bright to show us the way out of it. Everything feels inverted and twisted. What was there once, now gone out of the picture altogether.

It feels weird when everything feels weird. and you cannot figure out why. The heart rumbles constantly and the brain tumbles marvellously every time. Even when in something as sweet as love, we humans find crafty ways to destroy it as well. It becomes an unnecessary war. But we humans crave for it more and more, for we cannot fathom and handle the peace we have been bestowed. For we are the visionaries who feel the urge to tinker and tinker in a bad way and hope to produce something good.

Well, that is what makes humans, Ummm humans. The brief rumbles and the ensuing onslaughts of doom are what makes us grow into these magnificent creatures of complex behaviour patterns and attitudes. Even the dark abyss makes sense now, and many have made it their second home itself. The marvellous tumbles have made us numb. And the numbness makes all the sense. Nothing feels better than being numb and experiencing that silence with the ones that we love. That silence leads to the blossoming of new things and different memories.

Emotions are a crazy bunch of chemical nonsense that runs in our brains.

It all makes sense now.

More Money, More Power, More Problems

More Money

We all want money, don’t we? And we are ready to do anything we can in our capacity to get more of it.

Heck, even big corporate grunts are grinding their bums off just be at the top of the ladder. With the power of the people, even the governmental psychos are running after that sweet paper trail. The grunts are just trying to be the wolf at the top who is not as hungry as the wolf at the top. In that struggle and hustle, some fry their brains, and some just lose it to the maniacal force of nature.

We get more money, we have more problems, but we can also light up more light bulbs. So that is a tradeoff that we are all willing to take, or not take as our age progresses. You see, we get so blinded that we forget that we exist, only the money remains. And why not, for that, is one of the only sources of social status and domination that remains, you get more moolah, you have more friends. And with more friends, you can exert more influence and more power.

But at what cost?

With the advent of technology and the various methods to transfer funds, we just have made it easier to transact (which is cool). But we have also caved into the greed… Until it eats us all, like a deadly parasite. Many have risen and fallen to their eventual demise. Some legacies remain tarnished in history. Some are just immortalised in a blaze of glory, and when we hear them we can see the greed in the voice and the story.

We have transformed the way we make money. From printing on funny paper to making doge gifs and selling them as money, we have set the precedent for the future. A future where greed and pride stand tall, and we end up fighting till we die.

Strange times and Stranger solitude

Cloudy skies, the moon rising, the darkness consumed the day. They were a strange situation and strange times. And so the reign of the emotions started to rise.

Where the sun sends us the rays of hope, the moon solidifies the fact that even in solitude one can shine bright and stay on the path one has crafted for themselves,

Come today, and all this means something else altogether. But why is it so? Is it because our very world is shrinking thanks to the lovely tech we have developed or is it the way the world has evolved.

Crimes go unnoticed, heartbreaks are just for the person who experienced it and others just for the sake of its stand by thinking they’re providing some kind of support, but one cannot feel it.

If this is how we are reaching to solitude for finding peace and rewiring our brains for a fresh start, then I guess we have started to move on a path of doom, strange times indeed.

The times have changed. They have become strangers. Stranger not because of advancements, but how those very advancements have affected us. Where we thought of technology connecting us. It has led to further isolation, disconnecting us.

Today, it’s not the fears that kill us. But it’s the loneliness and the solitude that does.

We are living in strange times and experiencing a strange solitude, where no peace will ever be found.

The eerie anarchy in the ensuing silence

Ego Satisfaction

It was a chilly morning, nothing too eventful, it was all calm and quiet (probably too much for my liking). Then came alive the big screen, with a nicely dressed man and a woman, ready to tell me what is happening around me. At first, it all seemed normal. The same old programs, starting with weather service, then some news from the world of sports. Then some from the domain of entertainment, and finally came the local news. Both personalities started by stating that there is a protest happening in one part of the town and warned the viewers to be careful before venturing out.

After a commercial break, they carried on with the story explaining the events happening. Then came another report about a riot breaking out in some other corner of the world. This continued for a long time, then finally, they brought in some “experts” to have a discussion. Forget the protests and the riots happening outside, it felt like there was going to be a riot in the studio itself.

It got me wondering, are we protesting because we are facing oppression. Or are we protesting just to unknowingly be a part of a big political and social game set the big shot politicians and wise-cracking corporate heads? Every time something is happening, these great personalities pitch in their great wisdom to garner more support. That support is not being directed to the issue at hand, but rather to the brand these people have created. Leading to an increase in their brand value.

But what happens if there is not enough momentum in the resistance? Well either it all dies down, or things start turning violent. Then the question becomes, as to why are we even protesting. Is it really for something that is wrong or is it our diminished intellect commanding our egos to go all out without even realizing what the original objective was? Why is it that there are hardly any peaceful protests and everything has to resort to violence? Does the saying ” the pen is mightier than the sword” does not matter anymore? Have we, just like robots developed a herd mentality and like being controlled by a hive mind, and then go ahead resist blindly?

What irks me more is that when the protest turns violent, due to bad elements? Why is it that we are sensationalizing it, which makes it messier? Why is it that we are only able to see the violence and anarchy and not the peace efforts? Is it because that we are more interested in destruction? Rather than the constructive efforts that are being employed to find peaceful solutions. In this modern era of information transfer, we have become so numb to things happening around us. That we start following blindly to whatever is presented to us. Without even understanding what is it for.

In the same manner, the protest might be for something good. But then there are people within the group who end up disturbing the peace. Because their conscience and ego told them to. And when everything blows apart they are nowhere to be found. I question, why is it that we only hear about the violence caused by the protests? But not stopping the miscreants from wreaking havoc? Why is it that we always have to face the brunt of the political and corporate big wigs?

We all protest, I won’t deny that.

We all do it at different levels, starting right from our homes, all the way to toppling governments. But, are we protesting just because we feel that we are facing oppression. Or are we protesting just to satisfy ourselves by being a part of that trend?

It feels like I’m in the universe of 1984 by George Orwell, wherein we are doing what the higher-ups want us to do, without even thinking once, be it normal life, or in time of anarchy, or chaos. And that I find a very scary scenario to be in.

A Random Brain Take on the World

So many questions, so few answers. And brains go boom. As much as I rant around. No one would mind. Because none would care about it (until unless you’re forced to listen).

But on the flip side, the world has become more interesting, more mysterious. So much so that now I have to figure out whether my life itself is a mystery to me or not. In the mystery lies the conspiracies that our brains decide for ourselves, and in those conspiracies, lies more questions !!!!

I think when people of this mysterious world said that one must question everything, they must’ve been high on Apple juice or something. Because they don’t know how many questions do we face daily, it takes a toll on us, and we feel like we are in the middle of a war just waiting for it to end.

How to finish the bombardment, no one knows as it is something that everyone faces at different times and everyone has a different strategy, some decide to go on carpet bombing, some go on blasting an EMP, and some go on hiding.

But why do we even have to face the wall of questions when we can just chill and relax on a beach somewhere, enjoy the sunshine and margaritas. But no, we want to go on a battlefield with all the questions pointed at us and we just stand there with no reply at all.

And that makes me mad. Makes me feel like life is giving me lemons and I should make lemonade from them.

Well, as all the quests go, if there are no questions then is it even a quest? Or is it just some random story that we cook up to keep our minds working overtime?

Again I ask myself, why did I write this random post? Because I have a random brain and I wanted to rant.

The big heartbreak and the celebration that follows

Shining lights, cheerful music, people dancing, some falling in love, some finding new acquaintances. That’s how an ideal celebration should be (although everyone has their way of celebrating, I perceive it the way I wrote). There is something deep inside humanity that loves to celebrate the best things in life.

Celebration allows us to relax and unwind in the midst of busy and crazy lives. We use celebrations as an excuse to gather with the friends and family that mean the most to us. Also, we enjoy celebrations because they allow us to remember the things in life that truly matter. As we celebrate, we allow the stresses of life to fall behind and we spend our time doing things we love with the people we love. There is something about a great celebration that reminds us of the purpose of our life and of the power of our closest relationships.

But now let’s jump over to the other side, the moment celebrations end, then what? We ourselves create a void that we hope to fill again. And then again go back to the grimy old ways of living our lives. Even if we remember why we celebrated it, that emptiness always sinks us down further and further. Then we start feeling that we should live the celebrating life always. Looking for the larger things always and forgetting the little things that actually made up to the big occasion.

We create organised chaos for ourselves and then we are not able to comprehend the results. Instead, we begin longing for more, we end up being the victims of breaking our own hearts, and the cycle repeats. Then we forget the little things that actually end up being more enjoyable, but we always hunt for the large. In the end, it’s little things that give us away. And it’s those little things that we miss the most when celebrating. That’s when we break our hearts when the celebration repeat.