In the days of madness…..

Madness of Love

A tale of infamy

In the aftermath of the complete madness that was the four Horsies and some chunk of rock called the moon. Things were starting to go normal again, Potato was dead, and everybody rejoiced. But there were many who also cried on the demise of Potato.

Those who survived launched a crusade of resurrection. To rebuild from what remained. There were wars waged again, Never the heroes, they were made to fight. They were just sacrificed at war. There were few who tried building up the world using the science of the forgotten past.

Like a demon leading the youth, The survivors were terrible in truth. There was no time to falter, no turning back. It was the time to rise again in this time of infamy, but the madness kept on piling up its mass onto the puny survivors. Potato was no longer there to guide or assist in peace and harmony, yet everyone hoped that someone would take up the mantle that Potato left behind.

Death and madness
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The Madness that raged on…..

The fights in the realm of the living also started affecting the realm of the ethereal, the ghosts of the forgotten past were also unable to maintain peace with the fact that Potato was never to be seen even in the ghostly form again. However, the ghosts could feel some sort of new energy that surrounded them all. Like little specks of spark flowing through their ghastly remain, still aching to do something good.

The ghosts thought, could the spirit of the Potato be guiding them to a goal of a unified dream? A dream of perpetual existence in peace and harmony. But the days of infamy and madness kept on raging….

The Dark Side of The Moon (Episode 7)

grayscale photo of explosion on the beach

The end is the beginning

The four horsemen continued their directionless journey, where One and Two were primed to become the ultimate villain, on the other side, the dark side to be precise, Three and Four were enjoying their lives as a saviour of the future. Things were looking bleak. A dark future awaited them. Potato, was mysteriously missing from the action, but where was it? What was it doing? What illness or powers did he inherit now? The four horsemen were curious. Many more questions puzzled the quartet, but they chose to ignore them.

Potato was, however busy in outer space. There was a noticeable shift in attitudes, it could be seen from a distance, that something was disturbing the force. Potato was slowly turning into goop. The power was becoming too much to handle for Potato, the voices beyond were scared, if potato saw the light, he would no longer be a useful asset to them to spread their reign of chaos. The horsemen had seen what the future held for them, but they had a task at hand. And so they ventured deep into Potato’s lair.

Potato was crumbling under his own power, the horsemen were ready to charge and exterminate the menace, and The Voices Beyond were getting their celestial weapons primed. A battle was on the cards, everybody was waiting for the first crack. The Quartet drew first blood, disrupting the power supply to Potato, but Potato retaliated, by pulling all the land mass around him like a fortress. The battle between the Horsemen and Potato continued like two pawns in a chess match. The Voices Beyond had enough, and brought down the celestial blade, thrusting it into the ground, decimating everything in between. Potato was dead. The four Horsemen were dead. The Voices Beyond, took out the dead carcasses and cast it into a frying pan to cook their dinner, leaving a giant hole in the place where Potato once flourished.

The body of Potato was no more, but his soul lived forever. The Voices Beyond realised the importance of Potato, and thus started cultivating Potato farms for feeding the humans and advancing them into the next age. The four horsemen were sent back to their abodes, to await another apocalypse. The Voices Beyond continued their quest of power by creating religion and faith and tiny kingdoms of pride, lust, sloth, gluttony, wrath, envy and greed. Life carried on aimlessly into the next age, awaiting new adventures.

The Dark Side of the Moon (Episode 6.2)

white and black wooden board

Three and Four shut the door to the dark side.

On the other side, where One and Two were busy discovering the mysteries of the Potato’s Dream. Three and four were venturing further to the dark side, entering a black hole full of screams and shouts of the lost souls. Things were looking dead, Three and Four were elated, they found death to be the prominent species around. But something was amiss, death was present, but there were no souls to devour or transport to heaven or hell.

Upon further exploration, things started going doozy, the walls began merging into a singular unit, like colours of the rainbow blending into white. Still, on this strange land, everything was merging into black. There was a faint glow coming from nearby. Three and Four were curious, who could challenge their realm of madness. The colours which never ran started running away into the giant hole of nothingness.

grayscale photography of person at the end of tunnel
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Reaching closer, they could see a portal from which the light was coming, at the end stood a mysterious organism, waving its hand as if signalling somebody. Three and Four thought that it was for them and so they jumped right into the portal. On the other side, things were calm. People were celebrating the triumphant victory that the duo achieved, there was great fanfare. Because Three and Four jumped into the portal, they created a paradox.

They were witnessing a celebration of a war that did not happen, yet there was complete evidence suggesting otherwise. And so, after looking at this alternate reality, the duo jumped back to their own reality. Now armed with the knowledge that victory will be theirs, they planned to do something nasty along the way.

Enter the Dark Side of the Moon (Episode 6.1)

blue and red abstract painting

One and Two on the dark side of the moon

In the Lunar and Earthern mass, the Dark side of the Moon had cast its eclipsing shadow. One and Two travelled the lands far and between to meet up with someone who had information on how to defeat Potato. Along the way, they discussed life and death, the creation and the destruction, and who could be the ultimate conqueror of the realms.

As they were walking, they discovered that the realm around them started melting. everything looked like a solid ooze pouring out of the black void. It all seemed like they were travelling in an abstract painting. Time itself became a figment of imagination. Standing in front of them stood a figure, shrouded in darkness with some fog emanating from underneath. One and Two became more and more cautious as they approached the figure.

cloth with artistic design
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The figure spoke, ” thou shall not pass, for thou seek destruction”. She waved her hand, into the air, conjuring a portal in thin air and asked the duo to look inside. They looked at a vision of the future, a future where Potato was the saviour of all, and One and Two were the big baddies. Everybody who survived hated the horsemen and was on a mission to kill them all because of the misdeeds that they did.

The Hooded figure again spoke, “turn away, turn away and go to the place you came from, back to the deepest corner of your minds, the darkest fears, embrace them, for the chaos is just beginning to ramp up”. One and Two stayed undeterred by the threats and ignored the warning and carried on….

Enter the Dark Side of the Moon (Episode 5)

An aurora blankets the Earth beneath a celestial night sky

The dark side of the moon beckoned upon our lovely quartet. One and Two were busy perfecting their art of fighting. Three and Four were lost somewhere in the realms of dark and toilet humour, what to do when death by poop happens. Things were pretty much misaligned to the ultimate objective. It was more of a jolly bunch who did not care about anything rather than a fight for survival.

Three and Four pondered across the planet, thinking about how does the moon look like when it is angry. Will it turn red like tomato or will it just come crashing down, bonking us on our heads for making him angry. They wanted to toy around with this idea. Just when they were about to reach the peak of their fantasy, reality came crashing down on them. One and Two were the messengers of reality that they are on a mission to hunt down the potato for the destruction he has caused. Three and Four grumbled, vowing to take their revenge someday.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Potato was feeling restless, he was experiencing out-of-body experiences, not sure himself of what was real or not. He had become corrupted beyond repair from the outside. But the power was so overwhelming that he did not want to let go of what he had received. Long gone were the days when he had to beg and seek validation every time from everyone, tired of listening that he was worthless and never deserved a place among the mere mortals. He was destined to be the trash that everybody despised.

light sea people woman
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With the power he has, it is time for him to undo the damage he has received, and bring forth the hell to the very people that subjected potato to him. The mysterious voices of the sky were sounding more and more confident of their plan will succeed. But they were also scared of the fact that it might fail after seeing Potato’s condition. So the voices of the sky began plotting their backup plan.

Coming back to our quartet, they had no idea how to proceed further. They wandered aimlessly and then Three came up with a brilliant idea, to split up into pairs and seek out Potato. This way they would be able to cover more area and seek out Potato faster. One and Two were surprised on seeing some brilliance coming out of their goofed-up partners and thus began their journey into the unknown.

Enter the Dark Side of the Moon (Episode 4)

sun setting over body of water

The universe ( or rather the multiverse ) was split into two halves, one that was visible as the white of the moon, and the other, just a blank void like the dark side of the moon. Potato (now known as Potacalypto) was stuck on the wrong side of heaven, trying to make it to the right side of hell. His journey was a bit too difficult to carry on. There was a resistance present, trying to halt the scourge of destruction, the survivors had shortlisted four humans to fight the mighty vegetable.

They were called the Magnificent Misfits because all they cared about was destruction but in a peaceful way. There were four death bells hanging around, each riding their steeds with utmost stupidity and foolishness, these four were masters of their respective domains.

One, who was the master of war, kept on planning the tactics to decimate the opposition with puns and quips. Two was the master of conquest, all that she planned was to rule the destroyed ashes and the dark souls of tormented organisms. Three and Four, well they were the Death Duo, where Three acted like a full lunatic trying to give Death a comical relief, Four was the complete opposite, the silent, one-liner blabbering workhorse.

Riders emerge from the dark side of the moon
The Misfits arrive, looking as scary as they can be.

The survivors had no choice, but to trust these four characters with their lives, and hope that they finish the job that was entrusted to them. The mission, should they choose not to reject it, will require all four of them to work in unison and bring back the sense to Potacalypto, who thanks to the mysterious powers of the dark void, had turned into the lord of Famine, depriving everyone of the will to live, making everyone hollow, without a purpose and direction.

The few who are resisting this deprivation, are the ones putting their faith into the hands of the Magnificient Misfits and trying to build a new world. The riders are on their way, planning for the actions in the future. Will there be a massive war, turning the multiverses into the barren wastelands of desolation, or will it be all fun and games and no cries?

Enter the Dark Side of the Moon (Episode 3)

It seemed like the moon’s dark side called Potato in to be a part of the void. For him, it was a call to be the hero he wanted to be. But, there was a little voice singing in his ear, not to fight the darkness, but rather to become the void supreme itself. It was a physical as well as a mental battle for Potato.

To be the one ultimate power, the world eater is one fascinating proposition. You get to choose who lives or dies. Who survives or is left to rot. With such power, came a great cost, a cost should Potato bear, will become the reason for his reign of chaos. But then it was too irresistible for Potato to ignore the power grab opportunity.

While Potato pondered in the realm of darkness. The humans were becoming more and more fearful of the absent sunlight. Cults started forming to gather masses and becoming prepared to face the death bringer. Those who were a little hopeful had also lost hope. The sky beamed brightly with the invisible grin of the dark side of the moon, and little did they know who was the mastermind of this madness.

Wars began to wage, and everyone blamed each other. It was already an apocalypse waiting to happen, preponed.

eclipse digital wallpaper
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But this was only one universe, the little experiment had opened up a portal to many other alternatives to the same situation. Who knew a little chemistry and physics could lead up to the madness that is now only possible to stop if Potato intervenes. But it felt that Potato has made his choice.

The humans looked at the sky and found a ring of fire surrounding what used to be the moon. Potato had embraced the void of chaos, he became the harbinger of doom in this universe, and everything started going south. The evil power consumed Potato like wildfire, everything he touched started turning to dust, and there were no enemies who could stand toe to toe.

sun fire hot research
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The ring of fire started consuming earth like midnight snacks and Potato was at the helm, consuming everything in its scourge of destruction. For the first time, humans thought of unifying and stopping Potato instead of fighting with each other, the humans started praying to their local gods. The gods among men responded with weird mumbo jumbo, but somehow it seemed to have worked.

Potato was no longer the potato we knew and loved. Potato was now Potacalypto, the one who brings apocalypse, He was no longer under control, the evil void had taken full control over him.

Back in the infinite darkness of space, two dark objects began mumbling, that the venom has acted successfully, and soon all the universes will be under their control…..

Enter the dark side of the moon (Episode 2)

Full Moon (201507310004HQ)

The big bang happened…

The camera rocket was up in the air, flying majestically like an inverted comet pinging the sky to prepare for doom. The moon was in sight, ready to unleash its darkness on the flying projectile. But back on the ground, it became a void which sucked everything, exposing the multiple universes and the multiple outcomes of the same experiment.

Potato was there, and Potato was not there. He managed to break the spacetime fabric somehow and turn himself into the multiverse of madness. The camera he shot up, ended up becoming a speck of dust. Such was the energy of the blast, it changed the moon’s orbit. It was disturbing the earth’s magnetic field and causing chaos on the surface. Unexpected earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and in some cases fish falling from the sky. Everything has gone haywire.

Potato was floating around into the empty vacuum created by the blast. Still dazed and confused, although he could see the visuals from his camera, something was not right. Did Potato discover life on the moon by accident?

The world was in ruins, and a chemical reaction snapped out of control, plunging the entire world into darkness and potential extinction. Potato was on a mission now, to find out the cure to this madness, before the dark side of the moon was the only thing left remaining to be seen.

Enter the dark side of the moon (Episode 1)

Harvest Moon (201309190001HQ)

It was a cold night, everything lay frozen like little blips of the present history. Snow falls like fresh white paint on a wall. The sun is nowhere to be seen in the infinite black sky, stars looking like little dust specks. But what is this conundrum that everyone was stuck with? There was not a sign of the sun for the past 100 years, but the warmth was ever-present, but now even the warmth had vanished.

It was a cold cold world, because of a cold cold heart of the space-time continuum or so the people believed. It is a story that spans over a millennium, thanks to the deeds performed by the humble potato, that created ripples across the relative and the specific timeline. The fabric that held everything together was now in shambles.

It all started in the year 2022, Things were black and white. Either something happened or nothing happened. Potato was trying to figure out a mystery of the cosmos, What lies on the dark side of the moon. He was figuring out a way to get it all done on the cheap end, without splashing millions and millions of dollars on a rocket from some big wig space agencies.

He resorted to the way which many consider being illegal, he planned to use nuclear missiles for the fuel. Specifically, the fissile plutonium and uranium along with some pressurised hydrogen. Radiation was a challenge, that’s where hydrogen came, to create the boom for the radioactive bang. He started small, on the atomic level, creating tiny voids of black dust followed by a big boom. After the success at the micro-level, Potato began increasing his blasting capacity, within a few weeks, he was able to launch anvils at 100s of meters up in the air.

The progress was good, things looked bright. Everything was set, now all was needed was to set up a space camera and capture the dark side of the moon in a single frame. The secret launch was ready, the countdown had started. Everything looked frame perfect.

And then it happened……

The Potato Who Made the Sky Fall

photo of thunderstorm

Potato was busy basking under the winter sun, things were pretty much calm and quiet. The grass was busy waving around and getting trampled by the furries and the humans, the vegetables and fruits were waiting to burst open to shower their seeds of love and reproduction. Last but not least the humans, well, they were up to no good. they were fighting for the little things.

It so happened that among the chaos someone farted, and fart they did. The skies trembled in fear, scaring everyone for a moment, but then everything went back to normal. After a while, the farting sounds came back, this time piquing Potato’s interest, and so he began to investigate.

First, he enquired on the ground level if someone had tummy troubles, but it was quite clear that no one on the ground had the power to disrupt in such a way that would lead to a loud bang, and so he turned his eyes to the sky, wondering if the ancient gods have decided to run some stupid prank on the earthlings.

Potato decided to meditate and bring out his spiritual self. As that is the only way to contact the ancient gods now. After a long penance, came a primordial being. Potato seemed to seek his wisdom and in his infinite zeal asked his primordial companion who he is.

The primordial organism replied in a very growly voice and introduced himself as Uranus. The moment potato heard this, the first thing he did was check his butt. Because he thought that he has made some extraordinary connection with his butt and his butt possessed such power to bring the sky down. He giggled for some time, annoying Uranus to the core.

Uranus roared, threatening potato of the nasty things that might follow. Potato asked Uranus what went wrong and why is he farting so loudly scaring the Earth folk. Upon careful consideration, he asked Uranus what happened. The reply he got was a bit strange.

It turns out, Poseidon decided to play a prank on Uranus and so he fed him a laxative laden drink and now he farts like there is no tomorrow, and only Poseidon carries the cure to this madness and he has gone to hiding.

Uranus was getting more and more anxious and his tummy growled more fiercely than ever. It was becoming evident that if not treated, it would be disastrous for Earth and no one wants that. Potato and Uranus started their enquiries on the land of Olympus. Zeus came up with something, that was certainly not helpful but made it more puzzling for the static duo to find Poseidon.

He redirected them to the land of the Norse, to Asgard and seek out Odin, Thor and Loki for more information. The duo wondered how can the one-eyed king, Zeus’s equivalent and a misfit find the Greek good of water, and for that, how to reach Asgard. Zeus called Hermes, the god of Speed to aid in the travel arrangements. Hermes crafted a catapult that could propel Uranus and Potato at speeds faster than light and reach Asgard “safely”.

And so, the great journey started, the duo placed themselves and held their hearts in their hands hoping all goes well. They reached Asgard but were not welcome. Heimdall greeted them but was very much pissed off because it was an unapproved entry to Asgard. Meanwhile, Zeus smirked in his evil grimace waiting to hear what happens next.

Heimdall greeted the static duo with a big smile. As if he knew what was happening, but still he asked them to know whether they are worthy of entering Asgard or not. Upon hearing the tale, Heimdall laughed, his laughter so loud that even Odin got up from his throne and came to the Bifrost.

Odin thought that the two extraordinary beings were some creations of Loki, and was almost about to send Thor to find and teach him a lesson. Odin explained, Poseidon did visit Asgard but he never stayed here, he conjured up the laxative with the help of Loki and now Loki has also gone missing. Thor is also trying to locate him. If the duo locates Poseidon, do ask him the misfit’s location as well.

Heimdall being Heimdall, kicked the duo back to the Greeks. Meanwhile, on Olympus, Zeus was having the party of his life, expecting something nasty to happen, because Poseidon had never left Olympus and it would be a fun distraction to avoid. But his plans were just plans and all his fun went to dust when he witnessed Potato and Uranus back in his realm. 

Pretty much in shock, Zeus tried to hide his shock behind a neutral face, but it was clear that looking at him something had disastrously gone wrong and he knew what was it. Potato also enquired, but what is a tiny potato against a Greek God, so Uranus came in and as soon as he was about to speak with his mouth, his tummy growled, shaking Mount Olympus along with the Earth itself. 

Meanwhile on Earth, the humans believed fully that the gods are crazy and are up to something nasty, so they also started preparing for their rebellion against the gods for disrupting their beauty sleep and other activities.

Zeus got worried, if the humans started revolting it would mean chaos at Olympus and would reduce their power, and if the story is true that Loki and Poseidon colluded. There is definitely something wrong.

He sought Hera, to assist in finding out the whereabouts of Poseidon. Hera sought Hephaestus. He managed to locate both Loki and Poseidon and also managed to find a cure for the ailing Uranus. Hephaestus warned Uranus about the side effect of having his cure, it would cause his colon to empty the moment it hits his stomach but he would be cured of the trouble.

Both miscreants were stuck in a temporal loop, thanks to the big catapult of Hermes. And now they could not free themselves from the loop. They were stuck in between the realms. Only a mortal could bring them back as a God would end up destroying the space-time continuum. Potato took up the responsibility to bring the two fools back to their respective realms and ease all tensions.

Now, to enter the loop, one has to go to the point of time where the loop had started. That meant Potato had to go back in time, Zeus guided him to the sisters of fate, they had the power to manipulate time and the fate of everyone. With the sister’s help, he quickly went back in time and found both Poseidon and Loki.

Firstly, he berated both of them for what they did to Uranus. They both were surprised as to what they did to their butts, Potato clarified not their butts but the butt of their joke adventure on the primordial being. And then gave a big kick to their butts and sent them back to their respective realms.

Back on Olympus, Uranus was waiting for Potato to be back, hopefully with some result of his time travelling adventure. Potato returned, with an embarrassed Poseidon. Uranus drank Hephaestus’s cure and it all rained down upon humans. Uranus ended up sending down a huge amount of water coming out from his butt. But he was relieved of his torment at the end.

Meanwhile, on Asgard, Loki was greeted with open arms by Thor, and it was clear what was going to happen, an electric session between the two brothers lost to time and memories.

The Olympians thanked Potato for easing the tensions. The humans were happy to get an endless source of water but little did they know about its source. And it was back to normal for Potato and he went back to his beauty sleep. Dreaming of fish and carrots along the way.