Potato and the great wonders


In the land of the living, there lay many great wonders, some in the form of humans that somehow achieved immortality, and some in the form of living hunks of metal that caused different levels of destruction. Then there were the tiny plants and animals, which were the wonders that we all aspired to be in the days of yore. One such over-popular creature was the Potato, who was reminiscing about his past life. One such adventure was his time in the Na Na Land and how he had to turn into a non-solid to save the world.

But this time, it was something else, he could feel the void that was being created inside his starchy body. Like tiny black holes ready to implode inside, ripping apart all the carb molecular bonds. It was an out-of-body experience that Potato was about to face, and it was something that no one could yank him out of.

wonder sky
Photo by Rostyslav Savchyn

While he was experiencing great pain and also a few moments of bliss, it was something off. He looked up and saw the sky glittering with little explosions of joy and happiness. But potato was not awestruck like many usually do. He was still. locked on to the fact that something is off. And boy he was right.

Right up in the clouds, there was a war brewing between the worlds beyond. One wanted to be the solar supreme, whereas the other wanted to remain the white dwarf. There was also another one, the devourer of worlds, the big black hole waiting for the opportunity to brutally launch his assault on consumption.

The hunch of the Potato was not wrong, one of the battles happened between Mars and the Sun, and it was creating a ripple effect down on Uranus. Earth was sadly stuck in between the crossfire. It was time for Potato to think again, get his agony out in the open and stop this madness.

He chose to transform himself into tiny banana slices, and use each slice as a barrier between the celestials to calm things down. And thus, potato dust became the stars and from the stars, different formations came into existence. From the earth, the stars looked bright, and some people were able to identify the potato formations, and they named them the constellations of the sky.

Now, there is always a star and always a potato out there, waiting to transform and create wonders.

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