The Adventures of Potato in the na na land

Once upon a time in a land far far away yet near to our hearts, Potato was a cheery little fellow trying to make the ends meet. It was a dire situation, yet nobody expressed the direness, that is the na na land for you.

However, one day the na na land actually turned to la la land and this is the recollection of events that led to it.

It was the December winter. things were cold and dark, humans were restricted to the confines of their homes, and the fruits and vegetables were busy in keeping the ground stable. People were praying for hope and a prayer to curtail this cold mess.

Of all the vegetables and fruits, Potato was considered the outcast, for it had very little to no purpose apart from creating carbohydrate mish-mash as and when required. It was also put on the sidelines as there is a major peril by the name of Diabetes that has become more of a haunting demon for Potato.

Things were not going well for the humans, so Potato devised a plan. He teamed up with Spices and decided to attack the humans by means of liquidation. The humans were desperate for something new to consume to satiate their innate greed. The humans were boiling water for warmth, and Potato decided to take a plunge with the spices. The water embraced the solids with their wide arms of love and care, and slowly they intertwined in their tango to become a thick slurry.

And slowly a thick soup formed, the humans intrigued tasted the solution, and so the idea of potato soup became a reality. The Potato was successful in convincing the humans that it is not bad as they think of it. And slowly the na na land became the la la land thanks to potato soup

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